Saturday, December 20, 2008

The calm during the storm

A keen assessment from a KING 5 reporter just now:

"So, how's it going out there?"


And so it continues. I'm starting to wonder if I've been transported back to the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin! We're on snowstorm number 3 for the week. Though right now, there's not much that is stormy about the tiny flakes gently drifting down outside the living room window. If the meteorologists are to be believed, strong winds and 4 to 8 inches of snow are headed our way later tonight. This is on top of the snow left over from last weekend, and the Thursday storm that gave me my first snow day in 5 years. As the owner of a bright blue saturn with a big heart but tiny engine, navigating the hills of West Seattle has been an adventure this week. So as of now, I'm smartly snuggled in my favorite chair, watching the ever dwindling traffic outside. Our house is perched atop one of the main roads in WS, one of the few streets that actually gets plow attention. You can judge the road conditions just by watching the cars out the window. I've spent more time standing in front of our picture windows in the past few days than I have in the previous 3 months we've lived here.

The roomie and I ventured out for coffee and girl talk this morning, Christmas shopping was completed, the aisles of the grocery store braved and raided for "emergency rations". Which in this house means peanut butter, apples, yogurt and bottles of wine. And cat food. Can't forget the boys. Then when my sister got home from work we ventured back out for the other essential to a snowed in day....movies! The poor (but cute) guy working at Hollywood video was rather flustered by all the customers, but took a few minutes to debate the finer points of the X-Files film with us. Seeing it twice this summer was a birthday present to myself, and I enjoyed that he had sat through it as well. (I'm a huge fan. I would watch Mulder and Scully watch paint dry. Which might just be more entertaining than IWTB, but I digress)

Our driving is decidedly done for the night, the three of us are home safe, enjoying the Christmas lights and the joys of online poker. Tonight may be the night I actually learn how play. And the picture? Sunrise before the storm, Friday morning.

Enjoy your weekend!

Update It's now 9:15 and officially snowing like a bat out of hell. The snow penis fairy has been by to visit the neighborhood, and we just saw a man walk by wearing a rain poncho. Wrong kind of precipitation there sir!

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