Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too quiet

 It's been ages since I've had much to contribute here, which is frustrating to say the least. I'm not sure if it's the work I do that's causing it, but most days I find my head is spinning too much by the time I get home to put decent thoughts together, let alone anything that's worth sharing. I listen to the news for 8 hours, 3 of those hours at least are made up of yelling talk shows, and to call that draining is a bit of an understatement.

 That said, here I am. Have you ever noticed that sometimes making a phone call can be the hardest part of a challenge? I had an important call that I knew I needed to make, but kept putting it off. The fear of being judged by the person on the other end overrides the relief that you know will come as soon as you hang up, call completed. I'm one of those people who even refuses to call and order pizza, let alone make a call for something I'm not really comfortable talking about. I won't bore you with the details, but I will say this. Yesterday I finally summoned all my courage and made the call. Wheels have been set in motion, and while I'm still a little nervous, I'm happy I'm finally taking charge of something. Which just goes to show, maybe I really don't need to be so scared of that blasted piece of red and black plastic.

  Spring is tentatively showing it's face here in WS. My backyard is gorgeous right now. Lush green grass and flowers that are bolting their beds. I have tulips, hundreds of little purple flowers, a spray of white flowers that are so thick they look like a patch of melting snow. The rose bush is thinking about blooming, and many other bushes I can't identify are covered in pinks and reds and whites. If I were to buy a house here, this would be it. Unfortunately, we'll most likely be moving again at the end of August because of landlord issues. But for now I'm content to enjoy my little rain forest.

 The running is not going so well at the moment. I screwed up my hip and knee on a long run a few weeks ago, and I'm trying to take a week off to let it heal up somewhat. I'm beyond frustrated right now, but I'm hoping things will get back to normal soon. 

 So that's what's new in my little corner of the world. Now the next go to ballet this morning or not.