Friday, December 12, 2008

In which I rant about the impending weather woody

Seriously weather people, what the hell? Since when did I give you permission to wreck my weekend? From the sounds of one of the local TV broadcasts, impending doom is set to envelop Seattle for the weekend. Wind, rain, bitter cold, and...duhn duhn duhnnn....the dreaded s word. Snow. Are you kidding me? They're predicting anywhere from a trace to 6 inches depending on a low that's still forming off the coast. Now, I grew up in Wisconsin. I know how to drive in the scary white stuff. I don't particularly enjoy it, but I can do it. What I'm dreading is the other drivers who don't know how to deal with this particular precip. Not to mention I live on top of a giant hill and the thought of driving up that thing when it's covered in ice makes Izzie the Ion shiver in her slightly battered hubcaps.

Normally the thought of spending the weekend indoors with my books and bad movies would be welcoming after spending my work week up to my eyeballs in bad news, gloom and doom, and the occasional Santa suit wearing penguin. But this weekend I actually have honest to goodness PLANS for the second week in a row. Saturday I'm planning on getting the last of my holiday goodies, and will be meeting friends for sushi that night. If ice gets in my way, I'm going to be seriously pissed. I don't have a large people network yet, and my closest friends here are even busier than I am, so when we find time to get together it's a big deal from me. Weather gods, I curse you! Not since my wannabe tornado chaser days have I watched a storm system with this kind of interest. Hopefully the low shifts north and we won't have to worry about it. The next few hours will tell. Clouds, I've got my evil eye on you! BEHAVE!!!

And to end the post on a funny note....have you ever seen Good Morning America's "Three Words segment? It's set to music, and people hold up signs describing their week. Jay Leno got a hold of it and his take on things is here. Me like!

My 3 words to describe my week's end? NO FLIPPING SNOW!

Happy Friday to one and all

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La Belette Rouge said...

Let's trade climates. I'll send you the sun and perpetual blue skies of L.A. for some gray skies and snow. I hope you get the weather you want and that you have a lovely weekend. I am planning on traveling out of LA this weekend to 3000 feet so I can be cold and see some of the beautiful white stuff.