Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wow, what a hole!

Christmas has come once again to the K house. As I write, F1 and F2 are huddled under the branches of the newly acquired Christmas tree. All 6.5 feet of it. And yes, this is a real honest-to-goodness sap dripping needle dropping wonderfully smelly pine tree. The ornaments aren't on it yet, but what IS on it are my collection of light strings, which I managed to untangle without bloodshed, gunshots, and a minimum of cursing, and the best tree topper ever. We're talking a circle covered in green and silver tinsel, outlined with fake plastic poinsettia and snowflake light covers, and green and red lights. And it blinks. We're talking the best that 5 bucks could buy you at ShopKo sometime in 1982. I still have the original box, with price tag. This particular topper is older than my sister. At some point, my grandma decided she didn't want it anymore and presented it to me along with other less memorable items. I would think that someday I'll upgrade to something slightly more classy, but for now, it's perfect. The sibling watched with a grin as I plugged in our ghetto topper and giggled to myself when it made it past it's 30 second warm up and started blinking. The blinking has no set time pattern either, it tends to just spasm whenever it feels like, which ads to it's charm.

This is the first live tree I've had in a few years. The past 2 Christmases I didn't see much of a point. I was living by myself, and in that first apartment in Little Rhody the electrical system was so suspect I was afraid I would burn the house down. And by the time Little Rhody Christmas 2.0 rolled around, I'd decided I wasn't going to be staying and didn't want to buy a tree stand only to pitch it 2 months later when I moved. I did have a foot tall table top number that served more as a feline chew toy than it did holiday cheer, so the real deal is a vast improvement.

I'm really excited for Christmas this year. We're talking little kid jumping up and down watching for reindeer excited. I can't wait to finish my shopping, start some cards, maybe bake some cookies. The sis and I will be going home to spend the holiday with our family, and I'm really looking forward to that. I'm blessed with 2 pretty cool people who also happen to be my parents, and it will be good to see them.

And 5 days off of work won't hurt either. ;) Jolly Chrimble! And in case you're wondering about the title of this post, I'll tell you that it comes from one of my favorite Christmas movies. If you can figure it out, you get a virtual cookie!


La Belette Rouge said...

No virtual cookie for me.;-) Happy to hear you are feeling the spirit this year. Your tree sounds lovely. I love a smelly pine.

K said...

Hi Belette! It is pretty spiffy, thanks. :) Though I keep finding pine needles in my hair, which is a little odd, to say the least!

La Belette Rouge said...

So, what is the movie? I must know!:-)

K said...

it's Home Alone 2! :) A long standing tradition that never fails to have my sister and I giggling like we're still the little girls we were when it came out.

Oh hell, most of the time I still am that little girl, just in a more grown-up-person type outer shell!