Monday, November 3, 2008

Time, why are you never on my side?

In typical K fashion, no matter how well I plan my time, it seems to be physically impossible for me to arrive anywhere at the appointed hour. If by some miracle I am there on time, it's because I left ridiculously early and then will have to cool my heels for half an hour. Those occurrences are rather rare. This morning is yet another fine example.

I rush out the door, yoga mat tucked under my arm. Car keys in the right hand, water bottle in the le...water bottle....rats. A quick dash back to the house, blue bottle retrieved, Izzie backed out of the garage and pointed in the direction of my destination. The flier advised to be 5 minutes early. No problem, I'm thinking. A quick stop at the bank, and I can dash right over. I should have seen the flaw in this theory from the start. I arrive at the bank, write my mile long explanation as to why the check I'm trying to cash isn't my given name. (I use a different name professionally, that's the name on the check) Stuff the blasted thing in the ATM and scamper back to the car. Of course, I had left the house 10 minutes later than I meant to in the first place.

I park, run towards the studio, and glance at my phone to silence the ringer before I walk into class. 9:29. Damnit! The class starts at 9:30. I've never been to this studio before, I have no idea what the payment policies are, where I need to go. And I'm practically late. Again.

Why does this always happen to me? Later in the day, I was also 5 minutes late to work. Like all good Seattleites, I needed a monster cup of coffee to sustain me through the first few hours of my work shift. I was trying so hard to leave early enough that it wouldn't be a problem. But somehow those few extra glances at email, or the pause to scratch the chin on my favorite furry boy, added up into 5 minutes late for work. I'm lucky that my boss doesn't seem to mind, but I frustrate myself. I usually leave 5 minutes late to make up for it, though no one is here to see when I head for home.

On the bright side.....the yoga class was wonderful. My classmates were all friendly, and the instructor took the time to explain the school's policies and intentions to me, which was very much appreciated. I think it's a place I will fit well. As I stretched my body into the variety of poses, I really tried to focus good intentions on my muscles, encouraging them to bend, twist a little deeper, release any hiding tension. My brain tends to wander if I don't keep a tight reign on it, so concentration is always a little hard. After this first practice though, I think I may be off to a good start.

A quick trip back home, I need to hop in the shower to get ready for work. But before I step under the needle hot spray, I stop to look at myself in the mirror. I'm trying to look at the bumps and curves with a kinder eye. 'We didn pretty good today, eh body?' My back muscles don't answer back, but I hope the enjoyed the workout.

Time, never on my side, but I'm trying to enjoy it anyway.

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