Monday, November 10, 2008

In which I wander over the weekend

I apologize in advance for any typos. My computer may be a laptop, but Feline #2 has decided the lap belongs to him this morning. As he is 15 pounds of rumbling furry cuteness, I am unable to override his decision at this time, blog or no blog. It was his face in the window this morning that actually prompted this particular writing session. I returned from Uptown, ridiculously large americano in hand, and fumbled with my keys in an attempt to get the door open without dumping coffee all over myself. F2 was on the counter and had pressed his front paws up against the door window and scolded me for leaving the bed. If you can be scolded by a forceful chirp that is. He gets very clingy when I haven't been home much, and while I was in my own bed this weekend, I didn't spend a whole lot of time with my lap accessible for kitten cuddles.

Instead I was spending ridiculous amounts on money all over the city. New winter clothing was sought and purchased at two of my favorite stores downtown. I adore the city of Seattle proper, but I hate trying to find parking. I could have taken the bus, I suppose, but I didn't want to be the asshat with 12 shopping bags taking up 3 seats. As luck would have it, the rain had stopped mid-morning so my curly hair was only mildly enraged instead of it's usual full-on puffball during said trip. Which leads to only mild frowning while in the dressing room, so this is good. Then I picked up my sister and we went to Target for round two. The felines were the recipients of a new scratch pad, complete with catnip. The catnip proved to be our entertainment for the rest of the night. Not for the cats, but for the sis and I, we could barely contain our hysterics as the boys got 'nipped'.

Sunday was more fun in a local kind of way. I've been reading a lot of vegetarian and vegan blogs lately, trying to get more ideas for healthy food that I can take to work. After hitting the gym and savoring my usual americano, I swung by the Farmer's Market in the junction. Bliss. All sorts of fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, fish. Love it. As someone who used to be rather shy, the first time I went to a farmer's market was so hard. I didn't get how it "worked" and was so worried I'd violate some unspoken rules about how things were purchased. I'm old hand at it now though, thank goodness. I came away with enough veggies to feed a small army. I spent the afternoon cooking up a storm, and ended up with an amazing lentil soup, terriyaki baked tofu, and vegan alfredo sauce. None of which, I'm very proud to say, burned, smoked, or started any fires. Remind me to tell you the frozen pizza story at some point.

The best part of the weekend? That's easy. The feeling that came over me more than once, that perhaps I really am home. I'm settling in here. I have routines and places that are starting to feel like 'mine'. Coffee in certain places, the kindness of a random woman who I bumped into both at the bank and the market. The feel of the steering wheel in my hands as I turn on streets that no longer baffle. The view of the Sound as I come over the hill. The relief I feel when the sun peeks out, and the the relief I feel after I realize the rain has returned and it doesn't depress as it had a few weeks ago. The scent of washed out leaves and earth. All the things that are starting to make this new house feel like a home.

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