Thursday, November 20, 2008

As yet untitled

How does one describe the weather in the pacific northwest without dipping into the cliche? Mist and clouds really do hang over the trees, drizzle pelts the windshield almost daily on my way to work. The grey surrounds you like a thick blanket. Wether you view that blanket as soothing or oppressing can change from day to day. Today I could feel it tucked in around me, feeling almost as familiar as the scruffy carebear rag I dragged around as a child. Having the right soundtrack always helps. Though the film was terrible, the soundtrack for Twilight seems to capture the range of emotions I've felt since moving to the area. A melancholy lilting piano accompanied by a range of strings set the tone for my commute, the raindrops providing a soft percussion to go along with it. Strangely, on a day full of the weather I used to fear the most, I was filled with an almost content as I made the now-familiar turns along 1-90. I love those moments when I find myself thinking, 'this is so Seattle' and realizing I'm pleased by it.

'Moments which, rushing past, define the path of a life'. A late morning wake-up, coffee with my sister. Familiar streets, beautiful music. Jokes from co-workers, anticipation of the night's stories to come. These simple and routine moments that make up my days, oh so sweet when you stop to savor them.

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