Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He's crossed over!

Now I know my family has been converted. Small flakes of white death have been falling from the sky this morning. F1 walked into my room a few minutes ago, stared out the window and started chirping. The chirp progress to full on 'must kill whatever predator is lurking on my turf' complete with puffed out tail. Wondering what the hell had caused his spazz attack, I hauled my butt out of my nice cozy bed to peer out through the partially open mini-blinds. There's nothing out in the yard. I turned and looked, F1 is still going apeshit, but refusing to come any closer to the window. I searched the yard again, looking for whatever could be so offensive. Plenty of plant matter, but no animal. And then it dawned on me. I think he's chirping at the snow. That's right, my Wisconsin born one time stray kitty is freaking out over some flurries. Maybe all that snowpocalypse coverage finally got to him. I opened the blinds the rest of the way, and now F1 is nowhere to be found. Coincidence? I have to admit, I find the white crap as offensive as he does, especially after yesterday. It was freezing by my new wussy standards, but so sunny I could forgive the cold. The mountains where out on both sides, which never fails to get a smile out of me.

Presenting exhibit A:

Excuse the crappy quality, as that was taken with my phone, but I think you get the gist. That view is 2 blocks behind my house, where the street dead-ends at the top of the hill. I hope I never get to the point where the mountains become boring. I hope 20 years from now they still make me smile as much as they do right now.

Now it's time to get my ass OFF of said nice warm bed and at least attempt to be productive for a few hours before work. I spend so much time online while I'm at work, you would think it would be the last things I would waste time on before work. Sadly, this isn't the case. I may need an intervention.

Is it the weekend yet?


Penny said...

You live in an amazingly beautiful place,I'm SO jealous.Go check out my blog,I've got some pics up there of my small little town.


Penny said...

If you'd like,you can do a post with your favorite 10 things,starting with the letter G.