Friday, January 16, 2009


"Really need to get the car looked at....the oil change is way over due. And those brakes...I mean really. Do you REALLY want to keep worrying about it all the time? No. But the money. Money, always a problem whether you have it or you don't. Make a few phone calls on Monday to get some estimates, it might be cheaper than you think. Ok. And don't put off the phone anymore either. You just got luck this morning that it turned back on at all. Don't forget to ask K about her class. More plane crash coverage today I'll bet. Amazing. Still can't believe everyone walked away ok. Nice to have a flaming newsgasm over something good for once. Newsgasm. Ha. Love that word. Wonder if there's a chance RM would ever use it on her show. That would totally rock my world. Yeah, easy customer, I know. Ok, he's cute. The dog is a little ridiculous. Bet he's taken. I can't imagine any single guy getting a poodle like that for himself. Time to take the gloves off. Hmmm...maybe not, now my fingers are too damn cold. How is it possible that it still smells like summer down here? Oh my god, is that a seal? Or a sea otter?? Definitely one of the two, but I can never remember which is which. Oh wow, that's so cool...."

Just a smattering of the ridiculousness that runs through my head when I'm pounding the pavement. So far, I have 25 miles logged since January 1. We'll see how long I can keep this up! Though so far, the coolest thing I think I've seen has to be that sea otter I saw swimming at Alki beach Thursday morning. Way cool.

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