Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today for you, tomorrow for me

Work beckons, and while I should be doing something constructive, I'd rather daydream about tomorrow. An ordinary Thursday yes, but what if it wasn't? The most spectacular thing could happen, and not even be a glint in my eye yet.

Sure, I'll get up, trip over cat 1, feed them both, feed myself, check get the gist. I'll head out the door to tap class, sit through a meeting, edit my way from start to finish. But maybe someone new will catch my eye at coffee, maybe I'll find a new favorite song on my commute, maybe we'll concentrate on the good news instead of the bad.

Even if it's just a typical Thursday, the thought that tomorrow could be better is keeping me company here today. Going a little stir crazy, stuck at my desk inside on a beautiful day. It's quiet in here, which always makes me want to be loud. That need to be heard, to not be so fearful of breaking the norm, my inner sense of splash seems to be kicking it's way back out. My tap teacher said something the other day, about how there is nothing introverted about tap. It's noisy, it's out there, it demands to be heard. And that's not something to fear. As she put it: "Even if you think you're wrong, just pick your foot up anyway. See where it takes you. And if it wasn't quite right, just go again. You'll get there."

I love that. Make the noise, make the splash, don't hesitate, don't be afraid to be wrong. You'll get there. And tomorrow? Tomorrow is a perfect ordinary day to take that first noisy step.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I wonder what would happen if you wore your tap shoes to work and take little tap breaks.

Make noise!!!!