Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wondering on a Wednesday

Hello hello. Once again I've been neglecting my little space. I have no excuse really, other than to say I'm lacking a little focus. I've made a promise to myself that this will change. Stay tuned.

I'm wondering on a Wednesday, holed up in my lovely new workspace. They finally finished the renovations and moved us from the broom closet we were crammed into for six months to the new and improved newsroom. It has its quirks, but the lighting is wonderful and I really enjoy having my own desk again. Perched on one corner is a small framed picture of waves crashing at Point Judith, Rhode Island. One of the engineers picked the photo up with a smirk the other day, asking if that was my boyfriend. I laughed, saying it was merely my own little patch of workplace zen. As he walked away, I considered his query for a moment. The beach may as well be my significant other, in that I don't think I've loved anything else quite so unconditionally. Not even my family. I can say that because the beach has never attempted to ground me, or stolen my favorite sweatshirt. The beach is always there when I need it, its rolling voice at turns calming and driving. Encouraging me to relax, take action, or simply be. Often times when I find myself wrapped in anxiety, thoughts buzzing too quickly to sort, I picture myself body surfing in Newport or being tossed about like a pebble in Cabo. If I close my eyes tightly enough I can almost feel the cool soothing weightlessness of the water, wrapping me up and pushing everything else away. Saltwater washes clean the parts of my day, the parts of ME that refuse to be quieted by anything else.

Here in Seattle, the sound is generally too cold to swim in. I've grudgingly accepted this for now, and am gradually willing my easily-chilled skin to get used to it. I will go wading, and the days when I come home with dried salt on my legs and sand covering my feet are by far my favorites. I've planned a vacation to Little Rhody in July that I'm so excited for I almost don't know how I'm going to make it through the next month. Those perfect summer days, the salty memories that will last a lifetime. This summer is going to be all about building on that, whether I'm on the left coast or the right. A beach nearby is what makes a place home for me. Someday when I'm rich and famous, I would love to live where I can walk out the door in the morning with my coffee, and good book, a beach blanket, plant myself in the sand and watch the waves roll by as my body adapts again to being awake. Someday, this is my dream.

What about you? What makes a place home?

My one true love....


Penny said...

Welcome back!You've certainly been gone a while.

Living near a beach is my ultimate dream,although I don't know when or if it will ever happen.Even though our seas are also way too cold to really swim in,just the look,sound and smell of the ocean is enough to mesmerize me.I love it.

tres_arboles said...

Growing up in Connecticut, Rhode Island was the first place I ever rode a surfboard. I had no idea then at 9 or 10 years old, that surfing would become a staple in my life. I certainly had no idea that I would wind up in Washington State. But it has and I did and as different as this place is from the East, it certainly feels like home to me.

Wondering K said...

Hi, tres_arboles! I stumbled across your site yesterday when I googled "paddleboarding and Seattle" and am glad I did! I like reading about your surf adventures here...I've yet to be on a board but I'm crossing my fingers for this summer. Thanks for stopping by!